Actual prices     (insurance, delivery and VAT included)

Type2 days3 daysWeekMonth
Small Car3,000 thb
6,300 thbfrom 16,000 thb
Minivan3,400 thb
4,500 thb
10,000 thb24,000 thb
SUV5,400 thb7,500 thb14,000 thbfrom 38,000 thb

Car Rental on Koh Samui

Welcome! Now you are thinking about a mean of transportation around the island. Car rental on Koh Samui is perhaps the best solution compared to all the other possibilities. High standards of mobility and safety are guaranteed. It makes you free from usage of public transport, and gives you power to ignore the weather conditions. Moreover, it is cheaper than taking a taxi. A rental car makes you free to explore all the island, its beaches and hills. No matter whether you are travelling together as a family or company, for a holiday or business, you are welcome to choose any car from our collection. We offer weekly and monthly rates. Feel free to contact us to get the detailed information.


Your car will wait for you at any time and place you want it. We provide free delivery (if rental time is 3 days or more) to any location on Koh Samui within the shortest possible time.


All our cars have the whole insurance packages provided by the best insurance companies on Koh Samui. Insurance is included to the rental price.


We use secure PayPal transactions. You can book your car with a deposit of THB5000 and pay the rest once you get on Samui. So get your trip started by making a car reservation.


We provide car rental experts available 24/7 to assist you. Enjoy your trip! We guarantee you will enjoy SamuiCars Group service